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An Ode to Newark
land: reflections on space + power, 2020

Now Available for Pre-Order
8”x10”, 86 Pages
Vellum Cover
Risograph and Digital Print
Edition of 50, $40
Limited edition of 10 signed by the Collective, $100

LAND Collective joins together to address the central questions: what is our relationship to space and how do we define power? Rooted in Newark, the artists and storytellers, reflect on their own unique positions and relations to the city in order to offer insights into how we understand, see, and impact the land in which we occupy. Collectively, they retell stories of migration, policing, protest, water, and gentrification.

The publications contributors include co-founders Alliyah Allen and Nene Aïssatou Diallo, along with artists Chrystofer Davis, Gabriel Ribeiro, and Jillian M. Rock.

This project is supported by Project for Empty Space, the Express Newark Third Space Award, and will be presented as a virtual exhibition hosted on www.landnwk.com from December 14th, 2020 to March 15th, 2021.

Carrying the Stories Home: A Reflection on Marisa Williamson’s Sweet Chariot
Monument Lab: Creative Speculations for Philadelphia, 2020

Available for Purchase 
336 pages
6.75 x 9.375
160 color photos, 82 halftones

Monument Lab is a fabulous compendium of the exhibition and a critical reflection of the proceedings, including contributions from interlocutors and collaborators. The exhibition and this handbook were designed to generate new ways of thinking about monuments and public art as well as to find new, critical perspectives to reflect on the monuments we have inherited and to imagine those we have yet to build. Monument Lab energizes acivic dialogue about place and history as forces for a deeper questioning of what it means to be Philadelphian in a time of renewal and continuing struggle.

Contributors: Alexander Alberro, Alliyah Allen, Laurie Allen, Andrew Friedman, Justin Geller, Kristen Giannantonio, Jane Golden, Aviva Kapust, Fariah Khan, Homay King, Stephanie Mach, Trapeta B. Mayson, Nathaniel Popkin, Ursula Rucker, Jodi Throckmorton, Salamishah Tillet, Jennifer Harford Vargas, Naomi Waltham-Smith, Bethany Wiggin, Mariam I. Williams, Leslie Willis-Lowry,  and the editors.

Artists: Tania Bruguera, Mel Chin, Kara Crombie, Tyree Guyton, Hans Haacke, David Hartt, Sharon Hayes, King Britt and Joshua Mays, Klip Collective, Duane Linklater, Emeka Ogboh, Karyn Olivier, Michelle Angela Ortiz, Kaitlin Pomerantz, RAIR, Alexander Rosenberg, Jamel Shabazz, Hank Willis Thomas, Shira Walinsky and Southeast by Southeast, and Marisa Williamson.